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WenTo Events Pricing

Your Event Ticketing Partner

Attractive Wen To Events Pricing enables all type of Event Organizers, Coaches, Mentors who would like to conduct programs on the fly for their Customers

On Demand

Quick Events for Beginners
2.5%* + 3 / Ticket
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Public & Private Events
  • Organizing Plans


For Experts
2.5%* + 25,000 / Year
  • PRO +
  • Visitor Engagement Tools
  • Purchase Abandonment Analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Marketing Automation

* – Transaction Fees for the Merchant Gateway based on the payment chosen. For some payment methods the transaction fee might go up to 5%. For some it may be Free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Wen To Events

Wen To Events provides an easier way to create an event and have the tickets purchased by prospective attendees. Running an Event itself is an Herculean task, but worrying about hosting and maintaining a Merchant Payment Gateway for ticketing is another big pain in the neck. Wen To Events simplifies it in such a way that you need not worry anything about Event Ticketing and the payment is very prompt.

That is a tough question to answer. We at Wen To Events work for the growth of our customers. With some of our competitors all you get to interact with is a bot which responds canned answers and even when you get in touch with a person it seems to be with a gap of 24 to 48 hrs or sometimes weeks. We tend to be hands-on and we know that some issues need immediate and a personal touch to be resolved.

For example, some bot inside our competitor put in a limit of 10,000 Rupees in transaction amount for an Event Organizer, before he could get in touch with the relevant people to lift this limit, his Event got over. Now, who is to blame for this, no one actually. Because if there was actually a human inside this transaction loop, this problem could have been solved within 1 business hour.

Our payment gateway charges us 2% minimum of transactioncommission (in some special cases it climbs up to 5%) and along with this a GST value of 18% (as of Jan 11, 2019), closer to 2.36%. Hence, the Commission Rate. This can get reduced when volume of transaction is higher and we can negotiate better terms with our Merchant Provider.

We have had a success rate of 40% or more for Events Ticketed with Wen To Events. This is because of mainly 2 Reasons,    The Call To Action in Wen To Events Event Landing Page    The Payment Gateway almost provides One-Click (similar to Amazon) Experience if you use it once in any site using the same gateway, which is almost everywhere. It is also due to the fact that we have added a User Behavior analytics product (SOCAmps CROI) which analyzes how the User behavior works and with the help of it, we have developed better User Experience for our Ticket Purchasers.

For On-Demand Event Organizers – who are not going to run Events regularly – the On Demand plan is best suited.

For those who do regular Events all through the year, the best is to have the other Two Plans.?

I would recommend the Expert plan to those who want their Attendees to be part of much larger community and interaction between the community members are allowed. This enables a whole lot of opportunities for both the Event Organizer and the Event Attendees.

Good Question. No, you don’t. It would be great if you also had your own website, but nowadays most of the marketing happens on Social Media. So having a Facebook Page or Instagram Business Profile is enough to market an Event and thus use Wen To Events for Ticketing. Using Wen To Events reduces the need to have your own website.

Not only the FB Page, you can also use the FB Ads to link directly to the Event Page. Thus, easily converting the Visitors (from FB Ads or your community) into Attendees.

You can restrict the Events to be viewed and purchased only to those who you have invited. Thus recording their E-Mail IDs and then generating unique URLs for them alone.?

Private Events are events which are hosted within Wen To Events – but their URLs are not available for public to browse through our websites. We value your privacy more and ensure that those events are not available in public.

While it sounds pretty flattering for us, but we don’t recommend you running the Birthday Party with Wen To Events. Obviously your invites will be limited and also private which we provide. But the fact remains you won’t be charging the attendees an amount for attending your birthday party. Hence, the reason.

If you allow refunds for your customers, the payment will be released only after the Event is over within 3 Business Days.
If you don’t allow refunds, then – the payment will reach you by the 3rd Business Day from the payment date. So you might receive multiple payments from us from the date of hosting the Events.

In case it is mandatory to provide refunds for your type of Event (as per Govt. Rules), then even if you choose no refunds, we will be forced to withheld all payment till the Event is over.

You can certainly do. But we won’t be issuing a GST Bill (with your GSTIN) to enable Input Tax Credit for yourself. Please submit a Current Account Number. As an individual, there is no harm in using the Savings Account to run an event and receive payments. We would anyhow be also deducting the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) for your PAN Number and provide the Payment.

It is a punishable offence to use different Bank Accounts than advertised to receive payments from your customers. So, we would recommend you to stick to your correct Company Name, PAN Number, Current Account and Banking Details along with GSTIN (GST Certificate – if needed).

As an individual, there is no harm in using the Savings Account to run an event and receive payments. We would anyhow be also deducting the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) for your PAN Number and provide the Payment.

If you are registered company, please make use of it to get ITC (Input Tax Credit) and payments to your Current Account.

Yes, absolutely. You need to furnish whether you are an individual, or a registered company (self-proprietorship or LLP or private limited or public limited). If you have not completed your profile, your Event will go online, but you won’t be receiving any payments.

Do You Have Any More Questions?

If you have any more questions you need answer for, please submit them to us – we will respond to you pronto!

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