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How Wen To Events Works

Your Event Ticketing Partner

dream up an event idea
Step 1: Dream Up An Event

Dream Up Your Personal Event.

Every Event is a Dream or Vision of the person organizing it. We just ensure that your Dream becomes Reality as smooth as possible. Event Ticketing is not just helping you run an event, it is just a way of ensuring the commitment from the Attendees of the Event.

Step 2: Register with Wen To Events

Register with Wen To Events!

It is a simple two step process. Please provide us your contact details, your address and your bank information (to send you the payment we collect on behalf of yourself) and Get Ready to Host your Dream Event.

create wento event
Step 3: Create a Wen To Event

Create a Wen To Event!

Creating a Wen To Event is as simple as filling a few forms relevant to the Event such as Event Name, Event Description, Date of Event, Duration of Event, Timings, Location, Number of Tickets to be Sold etc., We will generate a unique and wonderful Event Page for you within seconds.

Step 4: Sell Wen To Event Tickets

Sell Wen To Event Tickets.

You can sell Wen To Event Tickets by sharing the Event URL provided to you from our Add Event Page. For private events, the event url is the only way to access the Event Page. For more secure events, the Event page will only be viewable by a select few E-Mail IDs you have listed as your Invitees.

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run a successful event
Step 5: Run a Successful Event

Run a Successful Event!

After the Event Tickets are sold, it is just a matter of Running the Event. We also provide features to identify Operational Volunteers for your Event with our Partnerships with various Organizations. Have a Happy Event!