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Delivery and Shipping policy

Your Event Ticketing Partner

Delivery and Shipping policy:

Wen To Events promises to provide you with a valid ticket for the Event as advertised. In case of cancellation of the event due to some untoward instances, the amount devoid of the transaction charges will be refunded inside your account promptly. For Events which were not attended due to any other reasons, there won’t be any refund. The Event Organizer’s Terms & Conditions as per the Event will also determine how the E-Ticket’s or Tickets will be delivered to you for the Event. Based on the plans chosen by the Event Organizer an SMS or E-Mail will be sent to the Ticket Purchasers or a Printed Ticket may also be shipped to the Address mentioned during purchase of the Ticket.

Your Ticket Purchase will be confirmed by Event Organizer via E-Mail, SMS or the traditional Paper Mail as per their Event Description. Yes. Any charges for events booking will be mentioned on the placing the order.