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About Us

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About Us

About Wen To Events

Wen To Events is an Event Ticketing initiative from JKL Technologies. Wen To Events is created to assist all types of Event Organizers, from Amateurs, Professionals to Expert Event Organizers. Wen To is created to ease out the pain from the already painful world of Event Organizing. Not just to ease out the Pain, but also to provide something to smile about and something to be ensured, that if something can go right in Event Planning that would be Wen To Events.


About JKL Technologies

JKL Technologies is all about passion for development. We are a SaaS & Mobile Development Company who have found a way to produce software for every needs. The Wen To Events product is a brainchild of Event Organizers who were scouring the web for a friendly Ticketing Partner which will ease up their pain and improve marketability of their Events.